In 1980, Karen and Leon Wender established a gallery in New York City dedicated to exhibiting works by the finest Chinese artists of the 19th and 20th century. Given the turbulence in China over the past one hundred years coupled with her isolation from the West, these extraordinary painters and calligraphers were virtually unknown in America, except to scholars and a handful of connoisseurs. As Chinese art and culture became more familiar to the West, the gallery attracted a loyal following. The gallery expanded its concentration to include works of earlier dynasties and forayed into the fields of Chinese furniture and scholar objects, making a name for itself with its fine and unusual collection. Over the years the gallery held numerous exhibitions, produced fine catalogs, and assembled shows of contemporary artists. The gallery was a participant in the International Asian Art Fair in NYC from 1996 through 2006, and also participated by special invitation in ARTSingapore in 2002. Karen and Leon Wender earned a reputation for thoroughness, attention to detail, honesty and graciousness. Today they work with the most important museums and collectors around the globe.