Carrying forth a mission to celebrate and promote Asian art in New York City, Asia Week New York is a collaboration of top-tier Asian art specialists, major auction houses, and world-renowned museums and Asian cultural institutions in the metropolitan New York area. The Asia Week New York Association concentrates its efforts on presenting one non-stop, event-filled week in March of every year, drawing collectors and curators from every corner of the United States and an international clientele from across the globe. The annual event fulfills the broader aim of affirming the importance of Asian art in the citywide—and nationwide—cultural scene.

The seventh edition of Asia Week New York took place from March 13 through 21, 2015, with a whirlwind of exhibitions, auctions and special events throughout midtown and the Upper East Side, and sales reaching an unprecedented total of $360 million.

A comprehensive guide with maps will be available at participating galleries, auction houses and cultural institutions, starting February 2016 and online

Asia Week New York Standing Bhudevi

Standing Bhudevi Bronze, 13-14th century, Southern India, Renaud Montméat Art d’Asie

Asia Week New York Lally_Song_Yuhuchunping

An Iron-Brown-Painted-black glazed vase (Yuhuchunping) Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1279), J.J. Lally & Co.


Extra information

Venue New York
Date 10 March - 19 March 2016