Mariko Mori was born in Tokyo in 1967. Mori’s father is an inventor and real estate tycoon, and her mother is a Historian of European Art. While studying at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo in the late 1980s, Mori worked as a fashion model. It was at that time that she had her first exhibitions. In 1989, she moved to London to study at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and studied there until 1992.

Mori’s early works, such as her photograph Play with Me, use her own body as the subject, and she costumes herself as sexualized, technological alien woman in everyday scenes.

The juxtaposition of Eastern mythology with Western culture is a common theme in Mori’s works, often through layering photography and digital imaging, such as in her 1995 installation Birth of a Star. Later works, such as Nirvana show her as a goddess, transcending her early roles via technology and image, and abandoning realistic urban scenes for more alien landscapes. Birth of stars

Oneness (2002): Oneness presents the dimensions of spirituality, photography and fashion into a deep look on the originality of the artist’s skill hence the usage of technology’s brand new trends. The outlook designs of Oneness gathers the capacity nevertheless the hability to use advanced technology knowledge converted to some sort of mystic and UFO’s.